Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Short sweet by Sebastian Han

I sit here since last night
I can feel you're still by my side
When I hark back to what happened last night
Your funny and adorable face appears in my sight

Coffee could never work on me
Until last night you had an ice-blended one with me
I can't believe it that I felt so free
O that can be another collection to my sweet memory

I tasted sweetness in the bitterness

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gosh!what are meaning that poem means?i think very and very time.it is not appear in my mind what that is mean.how could i do to understand in english word.google trnslate is not suitble for me because i cannot know how to use it.what shoul i do?what should i know.its hard to speak ingris but i try very often.so that its really cannot make me anything change.pfttt...

mampuih r!orang nak ber english aku nak berenglish jugak.miahaha.


Raja Dol Haq 2 said...

yu syuk terai teh +milk+ginger=nais
ai olso kenot sepik inglih :)

AngahSayang2314 said...

tak pe setidak2 mencuba cayokkkkk

YanaMIB said...

english ni klu nk expert kena prektis ckp je..klu x mmg karat la lidah..cam ai nih...grrr~ =__=

HaNTwO said...

hahahah i try......i dont care sometimes u speak broken english...eh sometimes??

Yann Mazian said...

erk. yann nih pun agak kureng berbahasa omputeh. kureng sikit. hehe. menulis tuh okeyh. bila tiba part nak bercakap tuh, berbelit2 sakan lidah nih. haha. :D

Yuni Aisyah said...

terbelit lidah i..hikhik..
layan je ksi paham..jap2 nak g tranlsate..:P

Si gadis bunga said...

practices make perfect. go echah go!


mR.sYaH said...

aku pun xreti sgt english ni echah.. hehhe..

DuniakuAbstrak said...

hmmm *angguk2 sambiL muka konfiden

ishiko said...

i do luv poem... >__<